Mindful Mondays

From RI Healthy Schools Coalition October 2017 eNews

Mindful Mondays – Captain Isaac Paine Elementary starts the week right

At Captain Isaac Paine Elementary in Foster, they are transitioning into a new school week with a mindfulness activity during morning announcements!

Principal Kristen Danusis and teachers participated in a 90-minute training and practice on implementing mindfulness into their classes, led by one of the school’s terrific parents. They practiced kid-friendly yoga postures and various team building and mindfulness activities, which they then could teach their students.

The school has now launched “Mindful Mondays” with a mindfulness practice included in morning announcements. Danusis says, “It’s a great way to get our heads in a good space to begin school and build new tools to help students sustain focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and build problem-solving and collaborative learning strategies! Here’s to a great year!!!”

YES, here’s to a great year for everyone! Thank you to Paine Elementary for sharing. Is there a fabulous wellness activity going on in YOUR school? Let us know so we can share in this space: info@rihsc.org

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