Paine School Technology Return

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All student technology needs to be returned to the school this week. We will be collecting student devices and chargers during the following times:

Thursday, June 11th from Noon until 3:30pm
Friday, June 12th from 9am to Noon and from 4pm until 6pm

All library books and class text books may also be returned at the same time in the library book return bin.

Prior to Arrival at Paine School
All devices should be labeled by name and grade by placing a piece of paper with the information between the keyboard and screen in a closed position. Please remember to return all chargers.

Upon Arrival
Cars will enter at the south driveway and proceed towards the front entrance of the building. A staff member will ask for the student(s) name and grade. Students and families are to stay in the vehicle during check-in. The car then proceeds to the drop off table. One person exits the car, wearing a mask, places the device and charger on the table, then returns to the car and waits for confirmation that they may depart. Staff then place items in the appropriate bin. Cars will proceed to exit out the north driveway.

Thanks for your patience during this process so we can have technology ready for students when they return for the next school year!

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