Teaching & Learning

As we lead our students through personalized learning experiences, we stay true to our vision of: One Heart, One Community – Strong in Body. Strong in Mind. Strong in Character. Our school focuses on the following to enhance the learning experiences of all CIP students:

  • Methods and systems to get to know each student as an individual – using their interests, needs, and identity while designing our instruction.
  • Specific learning objectives for all main content areas with a clear description of what mastery looks like at each grade level. This allows for goal setting, ongoing communication regarding student’s progress, and for students to move forward when they have completed the learning objective.
  • Providing students with challenging, project based learning experiences based upon their interests and our academic standards. These projects are done collaboratively and independently and give students an opportunity to apply what they have learned and explore areas of interest in greater depth.

This work is challenging for both our students and staff, but we believe it is the right work to provide our students with the educational experience they need to be prepared to compete with students not just in Rhode Island, but across the globe.

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