Social Emotional Learning: PBIS

What is PBIS?

roars400PBIS or Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, is an initiative that supports the development of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills. It is our school’s motto that a Paine Panther “ROARS” (Respect Others, Respect Self, Respect Property). In addition, our school community has incorporated Coach John Wooden’s book and philosophy, “Inch and Miles, the Journey to Success”. This book highlights character traits which help an individual be their personal best. This character education program mirrors our School Mission Statement and embodies the principles and traits which nurture the physical, mental, and social/emotional development of the whole child. It also addresses the teaching and reinforcing of positive student behavior, creates opportunities to achieve school-wide community service goals, and ultimately offers support to the staff, students, and families in order to promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of all students. Research has shown that appropriate behaviors and a positive school climate are linked to greater academic achievement and improved academic performance. Join us on this journey for achieving one’s personal best by talking about the significance of these character traits at home with your children and be a good model for your child. Children learn by example. It is important that they understand that these behaviors are not just demonstrated within the confines of Paine School but should be part of everyone’s daily lives no matter where they may be.

Journey to Success Program

inch400Our school community continues to promote the Pyramid of Success with our Paine Panther “ROARS” (PBIS) philosophy, proving the two go hand-in-hand-nicely! Our students are guided through their Journey to Success using the building blocks of good character which include the following traits: Hard work & Enthusiasm, Friendship, Loyalty & Cooperation, Self-Control, Alertness & Action, Determination, Fitness & Skill, Team Spirit, Poise & Confidence, and Personal Best.

ROARS Matrix

Our school’s motto a Paine Panther “ROARS” = Respect Others, Respect Self, and Respect Property is reinforced using our school-wide teaching Matrix. The teaching Matrix focuses on How we Respect Ourselves, How we Respect Others, and How we Respect Property in all areas of the school: cafeteria, during arrival & dismissal, bus, hallways, bathrooms, playground, and in the classroom.  The Matrix is a guide for students and staff on what Respect for Ourselves, Others, and Property looks like in each of those areas. It is important that students demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and property, not only within the confines of Paine School, but also in their daily lives, no matter where they may be.



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