Preschool Information

We are currently seeking children for Captain Isaac Paine’s  public preschool program. Our program will be an enjoyable learning experience for children and will encourage all students to reach their potential. The curriculum will be hands-on and will allow students to learn through exploration and collaborative learning opportunities. The program will be inclusive and will include typically developing and special education students. We will be holding a morning and an afternoon preschool session. Per state regulations, the maximum enrollment in each session is 15 students, with less than 50% being children with disabilities. The program will be taught by a certified teacher and there will be an instructional assistant in each session. Classes will be held Monday – Friday. The AM session will run 9:10- 11:35 and the PM session will run 12:35-3:05. Students can attend one of these two sessions.

Typically Developing Children Requirements:

  • Participate in Child Outreach Screening (Contact Julie LePain at 647-7560 for a screening appointment  if your child has not had this done yet).
  • Be 3.0 – 4.11 years old by the first day of the school year.
  • Be toilet trained.
  • Be a resident of Foster.
  • Be transported to and from school daily.
  • Complete Foster School District registration packet and requirements.
  • Pay annual enrollment fee of $100.00 per child enrolled.

Selection Process:

  • Children will be selected based upon a lottery held in  April.
  • If the name of a child from a multiple birth (twin/triplets) or sibling is chosen, both/all children can enter into the classroom if space allows.
  • Preference will be given to 4-year-olds who will be entering kindergarten the following year.

Please fill out the application and mail to: Kim Soares at 160 Foster Center Rd; Foster, RI 02825.

Questions can be directed to: Marcella Clark, Principal, 647-5100 or

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