Response to Intervention

Three times a year we administer benchmarking assessments in reading and math. These assessments compare how our students perform in these areas against others students nationally. All students falling below the 25%ile in either reading or math are referred to our RtI team. Additionally teachers may also refer students to our RtI team if they are concerned about their academic or behavioral progress and have data to support this as an area of concern.

The RtI team consists of reading/math specialists, administration, classroom teacher(s), and possibly appropriate support staff members. When the team meets, they review classroom data and work specific to a child’s area of need. They then decide whether or not a child needs an RtI plan. The plan consists of a specific intervention to address the area of need, how often the intervention will occur, when and how the progress monitoring data will be collected, and when the team will meet again to review progress. The interventions may be done by the classroom teacher, reading/math specialists, and instructional assistants (when appropriate). Parents will be notified when their child is placed on an RtI plan. The RtI team then meets 6-8 weeks later to assess progress. If the child has made progress, the team may continue to the intervention, reduce the intervention, or exit the child from the RtI plan. All students exited from plans continue to be monitored for at least another 6-8 weeks to make sure the progress continues. If the child does not make adequate progress, the team will recommend increasing the frequency or intensity of the intervention, changing the intervention, or referring to our special education team (click here for guidelines on when a child may be referred for special education for a specific learning disability).

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