We have designated areas that are peanut/nut free

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CIP is not a peanut/nut free school but we have designated areas that are peanut/nut free. Certain classrooms have been designated as peanut/nut free classrooms if a student or adult has an allergy in that particular classroom. All preschool classrooms are peanut/nut free. Signs are posted in those designated classrooms. The nurse will be sending letters home to families if a child’s classroom is peanut/nut free. This means that your child’s snack needs to be peanut/nut free in the classroom. During lunch your child can consume peanuts and nuts and sit at a designated table in the cafeteria. All “hot lunch” is peanut/nut free. Also, a table will be designated in the cafeteria for allergic children. Parents will have a decision for the nurse in writing as whether or not they want their child to sit at the allergen free table. Please see the school nurse or the principal for instructions on how to use an EPI-PEN or if you have any questions.

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